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They sell those shell dry and sun driedcoconuts, and I've seen them actually in the Middle Eastern store. I have to ask whether they're of course processing there, but they have a lot.


You mean there's no water inside or what do you mean?


There's no water They're in the dry and they have no shell.


Oh. They won't juice well,

They won't juices well at all. No. We wanted firm and moist. Hard and moist. Because if it's soft like Michael juiced with today, you're not going to get a lot of juice out of it, unless you've run the pulp through many times.


So, where do you buy them?


The best place I've found, the best place to get the freshest ones is go to a fruit supply or food market supplier and get a fresh bag cause any of those that go to a store have gone to another store first and they get distributed from their distribution center.

Go to a wholesaler.In New York, when I lived there, I would go t the Cuban district in New York and get them there. Send 'em from Cuba. When I was in Jekyll Island, I'd get 'em from Haiti, and we'd get 50 to a bag and the people on the island that were on the diet, we'd split 'em up. We'd have 10 each, and there were five of us. 10 each that way and only 1/9 were bad.

Yeah, that was very good. But you get them fresh like that and you make sure that your supplier orders them the fresh bags, not the ones that sat around for a couple of weeks.

It just depends on whether they've been dropped or bruised, that's the problem. Cause once they've been dropped or bruised, then they will start deteriorating, whether it's refrigerated or not.


Have you ever tried to juice a coconut in a cold house? 62°?


Well, don't use the heat in my house, and I live the mountains in Malibu, so my house gets down to about 42°-43°.

It comes out. I just put it through several times and it comes out just.


You put the back in with the pulp several times?







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