Best Vegetable To Juice (Carrot, Celery)


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Well, if you are using, I like carrot, it sure helped me get out of my autism at 21 years old and I had it for 19.5 years. I like the way the body can utilize a lot of water-soluble fats, make it into vitamin A, vitamin D, a lot of things that could be made from carrots, the water-soluble fats in carrots, but it's still high in carbohydrates, so that can cause advanced glycation end products to make the blood and the neurological fluids very sticky.  


So, to get away from that, I like to use celery because celery doesn't have enough carbohydrates to digest celery, so it's a negative. So, you use maybe a little bit more. Let's say you're using 35% carrot and 25% celery. That's a good balance right there.  


And then cucumber. Cucumber to replace the collagen in your skin from all the damage from hydrogenated vegetable oils and all the toxins in processed food, which are supposed to leak through the skin. 

You wonder why people have bad skin? Thick. The older they get, usually the thicker their skin gets because poisons accumulate in the skin, damage the collagen. They may scar, they may get all kinds of things. You get older, your skin has to tolerate all the toxins, it's supposed to tolerate 90% of the toxins that leave the body, so your skin will always be left in disarray the older you get. 

If you're eating cucumber puree, the pulp in cucumber, you're gonna get a lot of silica with the collagen precursors along with it help replace skin. 

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