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I've already done that research pretty heavily, and the green stars is the only one where in my laboratory test proved were efficient.  

There's a lot of propaganda out from other ones, especially the Norwalk, which is a $2,300 juicer. You grind it into one process and then you press in another, it double oxidizes. 

In the green star and the green machines, they have two gears, which crush it and they're stainless steel, and some of its even surgical steel, part of its surgical steel, the recipe for surgical steel. So, it's good. It's not plastic pressing against plastic, its metal pressing against metal.  

If you have plastic pressing against plastic, like with the single gear juicers out there, you have the phthalates that generate gases from the plastic and PBA, PBD, PBBS PBAs that gas into the food, which are highly poisoned. So, your green stars, your green machines are the better ones. and it's right.  


There's another company that patents the parts for green star and green star hasn't updated it since 1993. 


It's not supposed to last four days, it's supposed to last three days, so you're taking it too far. I use the green power cause the juice is faster. 

t's a larger machine. It's a larger horsepower, and it cuts about 5 to 10 minutes out of juicing if you're juicing lot large batches, but that's because they have a larger screen.  

The green star has a screen that's about this big, the Green Power has ones this big and the gears are about of 3/4 of an inch longer. 

So, there's more grinding space and it's $100 more than a green star You can have it delivered to your door for $438 if you call John Lyshire with natures something.  

The Greenstar from him, that's more like $350 delivered to your door, so if you're juicing for more than one person, then I would go for the green power. 

Now they're not producing more of the Green Powers. They're not manufacturing more of them, So they probably have maybe 500 machines left in the world. So, when they're gone, they're gone. John L Y S H I R E I think it is.  

Too many of the parts were cracking, but I had one for 10 years before I bought the new one. 

I bought the, the new Greenpower Kempo, and it's so fucking small and it took forever to choose with, so I went back to the old one. The green power Kempo is just a little bitty model, it's smaller than the Greenstar, so I just gave it away.  

Green Power Gold, Green Power Kempo, are the same company, however the Kemp is so small it takes forever to juice. The new technology is Kempo, and it takes too long to juice and you have to stop and clean it and clean it and clean it. So, the old technology is better as far as time and production. 

Stick with the Greenstar and go with the Green Power, but not the Green Power Kempo, Green Power Gold. 

There are 500 machines left, probably not even that, they do have parts, still parts available, but mine cracked all over the place when I was doing coconut and I got replacement parts and it's just don't screw those screws in too tightly, that's the thing that cracks it.  

So, I had it for two years without a crack in it, I had some guests over, screwed the hell out of it while I was out of the house and they cracked the machine by doing coconuts, just because they screwed those things into tightly, and that's what caused it to crack, but the Green Life and Greenstar were made by a different company, an offshoot, not a different company. 

There were partners and they split and one of the partners made the Green Life and then the green star, And the original company, that partner made the Green Power Gold, which was the original and the Green Power Kempo. But the Green Power Kempo has great technology. It's so small, it's a pain in the ass. 

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