Berries and Coconut Cream - Remove Mercury




coconut cream






I've never been able to have a sense of smell since I can remember. Do you know anything about that? 


That's usually very damaged olfactory glands. Often it comes from vaccines, from the aluminum or mercury getting stored in that olfactory gland from a vaccine from an early age.  

The only thing I've known to remove the mercury or aluminum is to eat berries. If it's, mercury, you have to use dark berries, if it's aluminum, you have to use raspberries. Combination of both of them with coconut cream and some honey, and maybe a little bit of butter and a little bit of dairy cream to help flush it out of the system. 

Eating papaya helps bring back senses. 

Let me also address it, just to inhaling a poison. If you inhaled formaldehyde, for some reason, if you're exposed to formaldehyde, it could damage those sensory glands permanently until you're eating the right foods over a long period of time to get rid of the scar tissue and the poisons that are stuck there, but any kind of inhaled poison can do it too. 

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