Berries For Metals




heavy metals



You can use it with any fruits you desire, you've emphasized berries in the past.


That's not what I said, I said dark berries for heavy metals, the lighter metals like aluminum and iodine using raspberries is good to eliminate, raspberries and coconut cream helps eliminate that.


You use the sports formula with coconut cream and blend it with some raspberries?



Well, it depends. I give people specific recipes. I'm giving you a general, when I give it to somebody it's specific. I'll give them three quarters of a tablespoon of butter and maybe a table of spoon and a half of cream or a half a tablespoon of cream and a tablespoon and half a butter.

It depends upon their digestibility, but I'm just giving you a ballpark area to play with. a ballpark area that you won't hurt yourself.

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