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Bee pollen is a nut, it's a seed. It even has a shell on it. Once that shell is dried, a human cannot digest it. Pass through you. So, anytime you see B pollen that's a hard little pellet. You may as well throw your money away if you're gonna buy it because it's of no value. You digest less than 2% of it. You need fresh, soft, and your digestive juices will actually dissolve the shell away, and it's a very finite protein.

That's why I like to use it in the pain formula because the molecules of fat are so fine and so small that they get into the nerve endings, and once the protein gets there, all the extra swelling can leave That's how the pain formula works. You've got all the minerals from the cheese that will help draw out the toxic minerals.

Now, remember anytime a mineral is not bioactive like in cheese, what the body's gonna do with those minerals is attach them to other toxic minerals in the blood. That means that all the bioactive minerals are in your juice, meat, and dairy, other than dried cheese will be utilized to be absorbed into the cells.

So, you don't have to waste those bioactive minerals binding with those toxic minerals that are in the body, use cheese for that. That's how I came up with the pain formula. pollen supplies the protein that can be absorbed into the finite capillaries and the nerve endings, so that the fluid can be removed and therefore reducing the pain.

All pain is swelling in the nerves, then the toxic minerals that may be floating will be drawn out with the cheese. Generally the egg and the butter helps chelate with other toxic substances that were buried in and locked in that particular area where the nerves were suffering or their nerves were experiencing.

So bee pollen is very important for nerves. It's great for nerves. If you have it with fruit, it's a waste. So, the time to have B pollen is always with meat, eggs and butter or in combination with eggs and butter.


How much do you normally take?


Well, I recommended people have the pain formula once a week, regardless, and they work from two to four tablespoons of bee pollen, but you can utilize more if you want.

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