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You get the butter from a pasteurized butter?




Well, it's like this. If you buy Costco meats, let's say you're going to get a third of the nutrient value that you will from good organic grass fed beef. So, you're eating a lot more. You're spending just as much money. So, I don't get the point.


But Costco, they have organic meat.


*Laughs* If you believe Costco, more power to you.

I don't care what it says. Don't believe everything you read. Whole Foods all natural beef. So, when I investigated what they fed their cows, I called their office in Texas and said, "What are you feeding your cows? You say it's all natural. What are you feeding them"? "Well, we're feeding them all grains in their grazing, stuff like that". And I said, "Okay, but what are you feeding them? Are you feeding them GMO corn? Are you feeding them soy? What are you feeding them?" "Well, we don't know that you have to go to the ranches".

So, I went to the person who's in charge of getting all the ranchers together, organizing, have the contract for Whole Foods and they fed 15% bakery way, stale donuts. Called all natural. So, I called whole foods at main office, and I said, "You're saying all natural. You can't say all natural. You're feeding them stale donuts that are boiled in oil. That is not natural for cows". "But it's made out of their natural grain".

And that's their reasoning and their rationale.

Donuts are made out of natural grain and cows can eat grain. That's their logic. So, you have to understand, you wanna know whether it's really organic? You go check.

You can't trust them. You have to go to the source.

That doesn't mean they're organic. Organic means they're fed only organic food that's never been processed.

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