Bacteria, Parasites, and Solvents





third world countries



Aajonus, to get back to what you were saying. You're saying that because we're eating a raw food diet and everything is raw and, and bacteria will not hurt us.  


There are three ways that the body detoxifies, it detoxifies through solvents. 

Your body will take fats like olive oil. Olive oil creates more of it, any of your press oils would create more solvents. 90% of it will be used as a solvent, just like we make solvents out of fats and add turpentine or some other cutter to go in there and cut it and pull it out, fats collect it. 

We do the same thing. We make solvents to go in and clean out the body. There's not as many solvents made with fats that are animal nature. 

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Raw eggs? 


Raw eggs, that's an animal nature, it will not make all those solvents. It likes to breed bacteria. Now the solvent process is a difficult one because the by-product of the solvents that the body makes to decontaminate itself, to get rid of the degenerative tissue. The by-product of that is almost identical to turpentine. And it is as toxic. So, what it creates is a very slow way of breaking down degenerative tissue. Your body has to neutralize the byproducts and dump it into the stomach. So, it creates a low-grade nausea and slight poisoning of the system all the time. 

So, that's the kind of people who are lethargic about life. Had no joy, no [unclear] about life. Bacteria worked two and a half times faster at eating up and getting rid of degenerative tissue than the body cam with the solvent's. 

The third is parasites, parasites work five times faster than your body can use a solvent. Usually there's not much even experienced. Most people don't even know they have parasites until somebody does a test and say, oh, you've got parasites. So, they take these anti parasitical dewormers to get rid of them. They just got rid of their best friends, the quickest way to get well and the least toxic. They work almost undetectable. So, what happens, these worms and go in there and eat up things very quick. Unless you don't eat the proteins to regenerate the tissue and that's when people come into problems like in third world countries. Again, they don't have meat, they're living on cereals. 

They don't get the protein, they need to regenerate cells, whether it's good or bad cells. So, what happens is they ulcerate, and they have [unclear] and they die. But on this diet, everybody who's had parasites gets well faster than anybody else and has no problem because you're eating the raw meats to regenerate the cells, so that there's no [unclear]. 

So, you're regenerating cells as fast as parasites are eating. 


How do you get parasites in the body. 


I've not being able to do it. I've tried to, I've eaten pinworm infested salmon, fluke infested brain and tripe.  


So, you either have them or you don't 


Yeah. You either can get them naturally or you don't. Now, the reason I don't think that I can get them is because of all the radiation chemo I 've had. So, I think that someday, hopefully I will.  

I have been able to generate bacteria's, I can eat rotten meat till it comes out my ears and I will get the bacteria and that's what I did to bring this meningitis on. You know, I was eating- 

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