BPA In Tooth Fillings








Filled with porcelain inlay. Plastic is highly toxic and the gums will recede. If you put facials or any kind of plastic in the tooth, the gum will rot and recede away from it. So, then you have an open area for capitation. If you use an inlay, there isn't that kind of gassing of BBA. 

And I understand why now he does that because they just came out with a report two months ago that showed that BPA, bisphenol acid. It causes 82% of the animals in the laboratory experiments to have developed brain cancer, 82% of them. So, the FDA is talking about outlawing BPA being used to solidify plastics, but we're already in it. 

If you have synthetic rugs, if you have synthetic clothes, it's in all of it. So, you breathe it. If you have fibers, lint from your clothes and they're synthetic, you breathe them, that melts in your lungs, cuz your lungs have to dissolve it, and then what happens is you release dioxin, PDA and a number of other toxins.  

In the plastic fillings, which are called composites, you have that BPA at a very high amount cause they wanna make those so hard and strong, and what happens is if you have ever had a facial put on, which means the cavity has the gum line on the face of the tooth, your gum will recede from it quickly, and it'll causes recessive gum. 

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