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[Aajonus] Okay do you have a question

[Attendee] Yes well a- chronic athletes foot or fungus right, over a lifetime right. How- would you address that?

[Aajonus] Well, umm.. there's no way you can stop it. Because that mold eat... The body flows this way a lot of the heavy metals go to the bottom of the body in the feet. Since everything

is constricted and we wear shoes. And we keep air off of it, it has a tendency to cause the tissue in the foot uhh to-to detoxify via molds. So the only way to umm... to address that is to get more air to make sure you wear sandals something like that just to get more air you also use primal facial

body care cream directly on the feet and that'll stop the itching, won't stop the mold it'll stop the damage done as the decomposing bi products from the mold are passed through the skin that causes the dryness and flaking of the skin tissue. So it will mitigate the symptoms the agony of the itching and the burning of the soreness, uh but it won't stop the molds, we just can't stop it let me take something like an antibiotic. And then you're basically making your feet move toward a serious disease.

[Attendee] Okay, thank you.

[Aajonus] The disease that could be created by stopping the mold from growing in the feet are osteoporosis because if they get into the bones and grow where they norm- they usually are in the skin and they go to the uh... joints! In the cartilage, if they pass into the bone it'll cause osteoporosis

it also causes rheumatoid arthritis, overgrowth of tissues, spurs.

[Attendee] Okay

[Aajonus] So it's good to have the molds, those needed to relieve the symptoms and stop eating things that cause...

[Attendee] Yeah

[Aajonus] All the kind of deterioration in the body.

[Attendee #2] Sorry, you're saying the molds or antiobiotics will cause rheumatoid arthritis?

[Aajonus] Both will cause it. The mold won't cause it, the mold prevents it. Trying to prevent it. But if somebody keeps eating a bad diet you know the worst diet there is then ofcourse it will just get worse.

[Attendee] Mine went away when I stopped using soap. Right after like within a week.

[Kathy] What?

[Attendee] Soap

[Aajonus] Some people just from eating- they're allergic to soaps so when they put soap on their skin, it damages the skin and molds are there to break down those cells. So you just have to stop using soap. Stop

breaking down the skin, the under. The second and third layer of skin deep because the soaps get in their and damages it and a mold has to break it down.

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