Asians Shouldn't Eat Fruit, Unless Unripe

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I noticed that when I used certain foods, like bananas, orange and carrots, I would wake up feeling my right hand is swollen.


You're an Asian eating mainly carbohydrate starches. You shouldn't be eating fruit, unless it's not ripe, unripe fruit. You're going to have a greater reaction with sugars.

So, keep carrot juice down to a minimum, keep anything high carbohydrate down to a minimum. Eat cherries, they're not high in carbohydrate, berries are not high in carbohydrate, unripe fruit is not high in carbohydrate. Eat things that are low in carbohydrate. If I eat high carbohydrate food my feet swell, my muscle swell, my whole body swells, my thighs swell, everything swells.


What causes the swelling?


That's the sugar. The sugar is looking for fat to burn and digest as fuel. If it doesn't find it, it goes into your cells, usually your nerve cells and that causes immense swelling cause your body's eating itself for the protein. And it also demineralizes the body and causes more pain, more agony.

Fruit is a very dangerous thing to eat, unless you're eating lots of fat and lots of meats.




Yeah. Well, if you're eating the fruit, you want to eat fat with the fruit to slow it down. Now that's all explained in the books, reread the books on the carbohydrates.





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