Asia Tidal Waves Were British Nuclear Explosions







This is a prediction question. When do you think it will be common knowledge that this is happening? When do you think people will really get it? Like about when you're ready to move or you don't know?


Not going to happen, the people will never know.

They will not let you know.


You won't see all these things changing.


You're already seeing them. You're seeing the hurricanes, you're seeing the so-called tsunamis. Now that tsunami that happened in Asia, that was not a tsunami.

Tsunamis, You have a earthquake underneath, it creates waves, big waves.

The only picture you saw of any waves was at, was in Phuket island in Thailand, I was there 12 days before it happened. The wave, they showed one rock wall. There's only one rock wall on all of Phuket. So, when you got a wave coming up, that's the only place where you'll see a wave hit. That's the only place that they showed.

But if you take all of the accounts, the water rose, and came in and down, rose and came in and down. Only thing that could have caused that is an underground nuclear explosion. There were two British nuclear submarines and three American submarines in those waters at that time in Indonesia. And it was a threat from the US and British governments to China and India about their nuclear war. We're way advanced ahead of them, we can damage them without even declaring war.

The reason I believe that was cuz I was on the internet at five o'clock in the morning, and I started seeing these reports coming out, cuz I'd still take a look at the tables and I go to the Navy sites and all of a sudden I saw this site of this island in the midst of the Indian ocean that is owned by the US government. It's a Naval military base, I forgot the name of it. Anyway, there was a whole website, they said everybody needs to evacuate the island, cuz there's going to be a flood at a certain hour. This was 5 hours before the tsunami was supposed to hit. All of a sudden I went back after the tsunami hit, I went back to copy that website, it had disappeared.

So, that was not a tsunami,that was in more bullshit. That was a created mishap. And what they were doing is cuz India was starting to make nuclear weapons and starting to make some threats. China because it's the highest economic power there is now besides the United States and Britain, it was a threat. Keep them in line and toe, show who's got the balls on the planet. US and British.

The big tyrants of the world are the British government and the American government, the people who run those governments, I should say.

I just want to keep you politically and geographically in tune with whatever else is going on too.

I spend too much time studying, I don't have any fun anymore, unless I got to Thailand. But I'm going to stop that in two years.


Studying or going to Thailand?


Studying. I'm going to start farming and getting back into life. Right now I'm all up in my head.

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