Artificial Heat









Can’t you keep your house hot, your house warm? 


As long as you've got enough plants in there to make good oxygen and there's moisture. So, you've gotta balance it. If you're gonna have your artificial heat, you've gotta balance the rest of your atmosphere. 

Put a humidifier in there or a bowl of water near something that's gonna evaporate, and some good plants are gonna create oxygen because your windows are gonna be shut.  

And there are about seven plants that produce a lot of oxygen and you go on the internet and find them. 

Corn Dracaena. Any of the Dracaenas produce a lot of oxygen. Some of your vines produce a lot of oxygen, but you can go on the internet and put oxygen plants or plants oxygen production, and then you'll come up with websites and it'll give you the plants that produce the most oxygen and then get those for your home. 

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