Arthritis Diet





He asked me a question. He has problems with his joints right now. Similar to arthritis. Arthritis, virus or bacterial is a matter of breaking down the toxicity in the joints. 

Over the years as the cartilage rubs together, it breaks down if you're not on a good diet. 


So, you've been on the diet how long? 3 years, 4 years? 


3.5 years. 


3.5 years. 

So, it's from all those years prior to the diet that's worn-down toxicity in the bone marrow. 

So, when you have that breakdown, and it starts discharging.  

Or the actual cartridge is so toxic that the body is decided to start spending it's time on detoxifying the cartilage. 

You'll have an arthritis. exterium. 

Which means it's either viral or bacterial eating away the degenerative coverage.  

That causes swelling, that causes soreness.  

Eat more chicken.  

50% of the meat consumption should be chicken. Helps those joints a lot better. 

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