Are They Gonna Force Vaccines

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What's going on. Like I don't have TV, I don't listen to the radio much. Are they gonna force us to all be vaccinated?


They are threatening to. We have the Geneva convention laws that were signed into, but they can try to do anything.

I had a two page responsibility, they took the responsibility if they make you take the vaccine, I've got a four page one that I'm just finishing. If they make you take it, you say, sign this and I'll take it. That means they have to pay you a phenomenal amount of money if anything happens to you, they have to take care of you the rest of your life.

First of all, it's going in the next newsletter. Then after about a month cuz it won't be coming out until mid October, so if you want it sooner than that you have to subscribe to my newsletter and.

Otherwise he's gonna post it right around October 1st, www.notoswineflu.net, and it's gonna be a place where you sign in and then you can get his whole report, but he's gotta do the report in the newsletter, so it's gonna take a little while to get.


But in your opinion too, do you think that they're gonna get away with doing mandatory vaccinations?


Not in this country easily. They've already got 194 countries signed on to do it, including England.


Who's got to sign that?


Whoever's making you take it and let me tell you, once they read it, nobody's gonna sign it. They're gonna say, do I've gotta get my supervisor here. That supervisor's gonna take a look at it, "Uhuhuh", it's gonna go all the way up. Just like at the airports where I wanna get something through. I go to that supervisor. Nobody's gonna wanna sign that because they're saying, if something happens to you because of this vaccine, I will take care of you for your life, for the rest of your life.

Anybody who makes you take a vaccine is in authority. If they're taking the responsibility for forcing you to take a vaccine, they have to sign it.


What's the difference between the two page and the four page?


I site a lot more laws and a lot more reasoning.





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