Are Organs More Concentrated In Nutrients

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There's a big philosophy about that. There are groups out there that say eating organs and glands are much more concentrated in nutrients. Not necessarily, it will help the like glands and organs in your body because there are like substances that are produced.  

So, it would help those particular cells, and if you have a problem there, that will be more helpful for you to eat. Let's say you have intestinal problems so eating healthy tribe from an animal would help your intestines correct more efficiently and quicker.  

But if you're talking about restoring muscle tissue by eating liver, that's not proven. 

Yeah, but that's to manufacture hormones. It doesn't mean you're going to be able to utilize it in your body for other processes. Cause once you've got a chemical lock in a bridge, it's hard to unlock it with our poor system. 

Now let's say the Messiah, the Samburu or the Fulani or the Inuit. Now they may be able to make use of all that very well, but your digestive track isn't. Nobody in this society will digest that well enough to be able to disassemble that and fragment it into some other part of the body. That's the whole problem. 

Cheese, you can do it. Cheese and honey together. You can remineralize the body quicker than anything else. I've seen lots of those people who eat nothing but glands and organs and never eat muscle meat, and they're manic, they're illogical and they're skinny as hell. So, they haven't proved to me that it's more efficient, that it's healthier, or that it's better. 

Give me a person who's fat and relaxed, and I'll take that them any day as evidence. 





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