Are Any Viruses Dangerous





I have a general question. 




Okay, you've often said that bacteria, viruses and so on are our friends because they detoxify dead tissue and all that. 

But my question is, are there any exceptions to that?  

I mean are there are actually some microorganisms that are just plain bad for us like the anthrax or smallpox?  


Well, if they're manmade they could be dangerous. Like with aids, manmade. 

It doesn't have a harmonious reaction.  

That doesn't mean the body can't adapt and make it that way, but for a lot of people we know that it is.  

Probably all of the man-mades may be a problem, and all the natural, probably are not because we've adapted for millions and millions of years. 

Only made man-made, that isn't very balanced.  


Is asthma man made? 


Asthma is a man made; I mean is a natural toxicity. Asthma existed for many, many years. Some people let's say they were born during the winter.  

You know, late winter.  

And and their mothers got very drained of fats by the time they were born, and the fetuses were damaged and their mucus linings were poor.  

And the more dust they inhaled; they would get bio something. 

And lots of farmers got, still getting too much dust if their lungs aren't solid with good mucus protection. 

And it would develop into asthma.  

Of course, working in coal mines.  

Even though that's not heated, and it's a natural substance within the earth, you know it still creates emphysema and asthma.  

He was asking about virus and bacteria, not diseases in general.  

So, virus are basically nonliving.  

They consider those nonliving protein particles; they call it disruption or destruction.  

But basically, it's the body's way of making solvents, it's a solvent. 

Goes in and breaks down tissue that can't be broken down in other ways.  

It's usually inorganic.  

Probably most of the viruses that have come into being, came into being in the last 100 years.  

Bacteria are alive, they eat. 

Viruses dissolve. 

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