Are All Parasites Good, Ebola Man Made










Well, you have parasites that don't belong in the human body, but any parasite that belongs in the human body is a good parasite.  

But they're are manmade like Ebola is manmade. Now what they did was they created a chemical like they did with AIDS that destroys a lot of human tissue, it's a poison. 

Then they have a bacteria that accompanies and eats that degenerative tissue quickly. So, they talk about the flesh-eating bacteria, that's manmade.  

Leonard Horowitz documented the making of Ebola and how they did it and how they made it to eat up so much of the human body. It eats only so much of the human body that's been damaged by the chemical that was in that injection.  


What's the purpose of the parasite?  


Well, it depends. The trichinosis parasite is there to digest. Parasite can eat 100x its weight in 24 hours, bacteria eat 50x its weight in 24 hours. So, parasites can give you a lot more food quicker, they digest your food faster.  

They're also those parasites that clean, eat dead cells, eat dead human cells. Of course, the pharmaceutical industry says, "Oh, see, they're eating human cells. They attack the body". Again, you have to say, which cells are they attacking?  

If it's in a petri dish, it's not a live environment for human cells anyway, so they've got it in an unnatural environment, and its natural process is going to be to die or decompose and then of course those bacteria going feed on those cells and see the pharmaceutical industry says, "See, it's eating those human cells and those were live cells." 

It's all nonsense, it's pseudoscience. 

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