Applying Raw Meat and Honey Topically








Well, first of all, I usually start with something I've been experimenting with.

For the last six months. I've been experimenting with using honey to get rid of wrinkles and lines. Before that I spent a year using raw meat, and I found the raw meat helps get rid of bruising and soreness easier, and it does help you get rid of wrinkles.

Applying it to your skin, topically, yes.

When I was in Asia the last time, I got back about four weeks ago, it wasn't convenient to use meat cause I was with a girlfriend. So, I started getting honey and the honey started breaking down- I don't know if anybody remembers how deep my lines were here.

This is only about two weeks off and on using it on my forehead. It just peels the layers away, very thick. And the comb honey is the best to do it for some reason.

The honey in the comb seems to be more active.


How do we do that?


Well, James carries it. I buy mine from Honey Pacifica.

[Attendee #2]

John is the only person I know that that cuts it, and doesn't eat it at all.

It's Aajonus' friend so you're guaranteed obviously to know the honey's not heated.


It still does work, even if it has been heated, it still works better than the honey that's been extracted already. There's something that's a little bit more powerful about the comb.


How much faster, how much more effective?


Well, your neck. I had him do it for 10 days?


One and a half weeks.


If anybody saw his neck two weeks ago, looked like a lizard's neck, lots and lots of layers, and this is just 10 days.

[Attendee #2]

It does look better by the way.


What I suggest you do cause you have the ptyalin enzyme in the saliva, put saliva on it first and then just put your finger in and rub it in.

Saliva helps break it down.

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