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Well, the appendix is a library. It remembers everything that's ever entered the body and what to do about it. So, if you're missing it, your body has to take anywhere from 24 - 36 hours, sometimes even longer to reanalyze that substance and know what to do about it.

Say you get a bee sting, once you get a bee stain the what to do about is is already registered in the appendix and the next time you get a bee sting, the body's not gonna have to analyze and decide what to do about it. It'll happen within 5 - 20 minutes, your body's already reacting. Without an appendix, it can take 36 - 42 hours before it will start doing what it needs to do to take care of itself.


And then your body's changing all the time cause you're getting older and so every time you get stung, it's something different going on.


It could be. Now, with me, I had my appendix removed at 15.5, within days after my third polio vaccine. It gave me angina pectoris. It gave me diabetes and angina pectoris at that age.

I had my appendix out when I was 12.5 after my first polio vaccine, and then that one, they miss diagnosed and appendicitis and took out the appendix.

I have no appendix, however, my body has developed, either it's regrown the appendix, which I don't know if it has, or I've developed another way for that library memory because last year right after the house in Thailand was built, I had my down pillows and sheets in a box and I took it out of the box, it had been sitting outside around the jungle waiting for the house to be finished so I could have a bed and my pillows. So, it was time, so I had the bed, I was pulling out the pillows, and I grabbed one like this and I felt a sting in my arm, and I pulled the pillow away and there was this tiny scorpion this big.

And the baby scorpions, the tiny scorpions are the deadly ones because as the scorpion gets, It dilutes the venom, but the babies have a pure, solid venom that's not diluted.

So, the heaviness went down the arm, it got like a rash and flamed a bit, and all the way down I could feel it moving down here.

It was about probably 36 - 40 hours I experienced that and then it went away. Then five days later, I went and put some gloves on to work, and one stung me here, again a little bitty one, and that lasted about an hour. Then three days later, I got stung again. So, now I shake my shirts out, I shake socks out, I don't get into the bed, unless I've checked for scorpions first.

But that one didn't last 10 minutes, the last one. So, my body has found another way, or it grew back the appendix.


Or you're building up a resistance to it?


Well, no, your body has to have some area to store to know what to do, what compounds to make to defend itself against the venom.





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