Appendicitis - Fruit Caused One

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Crumbling appendix, will the diet sort of take care of that?


Yeah. I've had two people who went in for surgery after appendix and the doctor found that the appendix was completely enveloped in fat, even though it burst, all the poisons were contained and if they hadn't removed it, the appendix could have healed itself and been your library again.

[Attendee #2]

Been your library?


How many times have you been? I'd said li the appendix is a library that has everything that's ever entered your body and how the body needs to respond to it. So, let's say you get bitten by a snake or a black widow, the body will know instantly by going to the appendix, what remedy to use within 20, 30 minutes. The body is already taken care of it.

If you don't have an appendix, it could be 36 - 40 hours cause your body has to re-chemistry and evaluate it all over again.


So, if it's crumbling, that's because of the bad diet?


Correct, but you still have to be careful on this diet to do it balanced. I know people eating a lot of fruit like that one fellow, one of the fellas I was telling you about, that had the fat wrapped around, certainly ate a lot of fat, but he ate way too much fruit.





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