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About four months ago, I started having lower quadrant pain, was a little swollen.


Cecum's way down here.


It was actually right up here.


That's the appendix.


Okay. Swollen waves of pain coming across the stomach, and then afterwards, every 15 to 30 minutes, I would urinate dark orange.

I've been fairly no fast food. None of that, I haven't done for years. I grew up on that, but I was eating only fresh fish and vegetables with green juice, and I basically started eating pork, natural pork, Whole Foods, and I just had this kind of this intuition that maybe it had something bad that being processed down here and my body was getting it out.

So, my family wanted me to go to the emergency room and see a doctor, I was like no way. So, I went through nine days going on the internet before I came across you, and this guy who's a natural hygienist here, and he just says to just lay down.


Dr. Bass?


No, Bass is where I found your work, but first was Dr. Burnoff and he just said, "Drink, water, and just rest and close your eyes and put your hand on the area". So I did that, but the pain wasn't going away, but I felt not horrible if I did that and just drank water for about eight or nine days, a little bit of citrus here and there.

And then it started to break around the ninth day, and then I had gone to Dr. Bass's website and read your article, so I started going getting fish, cheeses, different things. About a month ago, it came back, but not with chills and sweats from where I'm hurting, but my body's continuing-.


Sounds like your Appendix.

So, the appendix is the library of all foreign matter that's ever entered the body and what to do about it chemically. So, that appendix is a very important little organ. Sometimes people will store a lot more toxins in that appendix than they should, and it will burst, but it is a very important organ to have. Yours is probably trying to detox. It had too much stored in it still.


I was afraid they'd cut it out, they wanted to cut it out.


But what you do is when you have a situation like that, you need a tremendous amount of cheese and clay. Now, if you want to make sure that if there are heavy metals involved, neutralize some of those heavy metals.

You have a mixture, like I'll make a mixture of like 1/2 cup of whey with about 1 ounce to two ounces of liquid clay that's the same thickness of plaster. And then I will add one to two tablespoons of vinegar to that, a couple of tablespoons of honey. Maybe just one, but most often 1.5 - 2 tablespoons of honey, and then coconut cream, like three tablespoons of coconut cream and two tablespoons of dairy cream.

Blend that together and then I suck that for maybe the whole day or if I got a heavy pain, like for this, I couldn't wait till I got home to start eating the clay and all of it subsided very rapidly because I had enough clay and nutrients to get in there. It helped key with that, so not all of it had to rupture my skin. So, it cut the breaking of the skin down cause I started breaking all over, and when I started eating that mixture only two broke out after that one here.

[Attendee #2]

But what kind of clay?


Terramin clay. You can go to terramin.com [inactive].


I read your book, the tomatoes with honey and then the lime juice, that helped.

I was drawn to coconut cream automatically, and just lots of fat that I would get down here down the street from Rawsome.


The raw pasteurized apple cider vinegar has the same amino acid that they use in chelation therapy. Why don't they use vinegar for chelation therapy?

Because there's no money in it. You can do it on your own.





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