Anti-Septics On Meat

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Now, since I've been getting that kind of need, what is the best thing to do for anybody that's done this already? They know about the antiseptics they use.


Well, you're eating enough fat with it to bind with those poisons, but you're wasting some of your fats by eating that antiseptic.


I know, but I wanted to know, do I eat any more eggs, maybe 6 eggs are day?


You're already taking care of it with your diet. It's just that you would have lost nutrients., so it's dispelled with the antiseptic. Your poisons are already arrested.


But I mean, this fish I bought today here, and there's a pack I bought at home. What should I do with it?


You just eat your normal fat with it.


How much fat?


Just what you're normally eating. You can only eat so much food in a day. Much of It's going to go out with the poisons, and not be used to stabilize and make you healthier, but it can prevent damage. So, as much as you can eat is what you eat and you're eating, you've got a good weight.

So, I wouldn't say for you to eat anymore.





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