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I got a question about the green juice. I'm wondering about the natural protective toxins, they would concentrate in the green juice. Well, every vegetable has a protective poison, so when we concentrate them in the green juice, in theory we'll have a concentration of those as well. 


Well, yes, but most of the, um, the toxin that's produced by the plant, once it's been off the vine for about 24 hours it degenerates. Also, when you juice it, it stays in the cellulose. 

It doesn't break easily. It's more in the fiber. 

So, it mostly goes out of the pulp, and all of the minerals when they are released into the juice, did everybody understand the question?  

Every plant has a protective anti-insecticide on it to keep the insects from eating everything and his question was, how does our body deal with that? Is that a problem? 

And it's not a problem when we juice it because most of the poison is degenerated within 24 hours from it being extracted from the ground or vine or wherever it is, whatever it might be. Once it's extricated from its natural growth environment that breaks down, because if it didn't break down all the insects and molds that naturally decompose to recycle in composting would all die. They'd be killed. So, once the plant is out of the ground or the produce is off the tree, that whole cycle stops. We don't have to worry about natural insecticides that are in vegetables. Good question, nobody has ever asked me that. 


Well, there's an email group AV critic and it would come up in there. 


AV means me, Aajonus Vonderplanitz. AV critics. 




Critics?! I can be questioned?! I made Wall Street Journal, a financial magazine, why did they put me on the cover? Because they had an article about raw milk. This was on Wednesday, title of the article was "Got Raw Milk", and they put me as the leader of the underground. 

I didn't even get out to try to find the paper until like five o'clock in the evening and I had to go to five places because they were sold out to get it, but I found one place that had fine copies. That's not my website. That's my publisher's website from the books. I don't have time. 

Um, but I have a copy here. I'll pass it around. If everybody wants to afterwards, 

James Stewart, read it to me. Maybe I'll read it to all of you. 





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