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When it has to clean the body out, it gets jammed. It starts collecting all of the hardened fats, especially all of those hydrogenated vegetable oils or vegetable oils in general. Vegetable oils in the human body crystallize. That's what causes hardening of our heart and arteries, not animal fat. That's a myth, a fiction.  

An herbivore that eats vegetables and vegetable oil in their vegetables have a body temperature of 101° to 105°. Ours is 98.6° and lower. So, when we eat vegetable oils, if it's made a part of a cell, it will store in the body and crystallize over about a year to five-year period. 

And once it's crystallized, you cannot get it dissolved unless you can get the body temperature high enough. And that's 102° to 105°. So, you have to stay in it that long before it gets deep enough to get into those lymph glands and lymph nodes.  

It takes an hour to get there. Well, it takes about 50 minutes to get there. So, an hour you've spent 10 minutes starting to dissolve some of it melt some of it. You stay in a full hour and a half and you've melted at least a thousand of an inch. That's not much, but you figure each time you take a layer and dissolve it, you're going to melt it and get it out of your body. You're gonna start relieving it from the body. 

Otherwise, you're not. Your lymphatic system will stay congested for your entire life. I don't care what diet you're on. Even if you're on this diet. I don't care if you do trampoline for the lymphatic system or what, it will not move if it's hardened. It has to be softened. It has to be softened.  

So, what you do is before you get in the bath, like it says in the book, you make it have a combination of pineapple, coconut cream, a tiny bit of dairy cream, a tiny bit of butter and a little bit of honey. And you blend that all together and you drink it right before you get into the bath or as soon as you get into the bath.  

Then when you get out of the bath in an hour to an hour and a half, you get out of the bath, you're gonna feel like a wet noodle, a limp noodle and you're not gonna wanna move very fast, and you wanna keep that door closed cause you want that bathroom to stay hot and you wanna towel off gradually. Then you wanna dress with winter clothes, I don't care how hot it is, and then you take a 45-minute walk.  

By the time you are taking that walk, that pineapple coconut mixture is going to be in your lymphatic system. Moving in there while that little bit of lymph space is still fluid. So, when it moves in there, it can't harden when your body reaches 98.6° and lower again, it will not harden. It'll keep that little space, that little fine little area fluid. 

You don't do any more than two a week. Some people should, if you're very thin, you you shouldn't do any until you put on weight and you have to be at least 10, 15 pounds overweight before you do those. Because when that stuff dumps into the system, you better have enough fat to protect you. 

If you're dumping something like mercury or Thallium or lead into that tissue. If you don't have the fats in the tissue, you are going to be damaged. And what happens if you damage your connective tissue? You're either going to develop lupus or Ms. Not a pretty picture.  

So, you've got to have at least 10, 15 pounds overweight before you do those hot baths. Once you start doing them, you can do two a week. Never closer than three days apart. So, if you went on the same day of the weeks as the same days of the week, say you do it on Monday and then you do it on Thursday. It should be done between 1:30 and 4:30 in the afternoon. So, you do one on a weekend or if you can only do in the afternoon on the weekends, you just do it one day a week on the weekend. 

Then each day you can do a 35-to-40-minute bath and you don't have the pineapple coconut cream mixture. You don't need that. That 35-to-40-minute bath is to relieve the toxins that have dumped from the lymphatic system in the connective tissue to perspire it out of the body or pull it out of the skin, so it doesn't collect in there. 

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