Animal Fat Doesn't Cause Heart Disease



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All the tribes that eat meat, lots of lard and lots of animal fats have no heart disease and have no arterial sclerosis. None, zip. Even the ones who eat it cooked, only cooked meat, only cooked fat, no heart disease, no arterial sclerosis.


So, if you barbeque and cook something, that's not carcinogenic?


I'm not talking about carcinogens. Carcinogen means cancer producing. I'm talking about something that produces hardening of the arteries, and hardening of the heart tissue, causes it to become brittle.

Cooking meat doesn't cause that problem. The tribes who eat cooked meat have gout, they have arthritis, they have a lot of joint problems, but they don't have arterial sclerosis, no heart disease.

Vegetable oils cause that because we have low body temperature, we also have 60,000 times less enzymes to disassemble the fat molecule properly. A cow keeps their body temperature 100° - 101°.

Vegetable oils at that temperature, as part of that animal will stay fluid its entire life. If a human eats it, and we make cells with that kind of fat for lubrication and stability and protection, it will crystalize in the heart.

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