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Not any different, [unclear] is the same. It's just that the Rocky Junior's gonna be younger, more tender. The older animal's going to be more tough.


Is that the only kind you buy?


That's the only kind I buy here.

I'll send away when I know I'm going to be in town for a while.

I buy the chicken Amos Miller, an Amish guy who feeds the chickens exactly what I want him to feed them.

He feeds them high meat as their protein, feeds them nothing, but you know what they peck around in the yards and high meat.

I get meat from them too. Very tough chicken, but it's very healthy chicken.

[Attendee #2]

Chickens eat high meat?


Yep. That's what they do best with. Chickens are real nasty scavengers, so are ducks.


Have you heard of this stuff called smart chicken?


I've heard of it, but I haven't looked into it yet. If they feed 'em mostly soy, it's the same garbage as y'know.

[Attendee #3]

How about Shelton?


Shelton. Shelton is vegetarian, they're high in soy.

[Attendee #3]

What about Coleman?


Coleman doesn't make chicken, only beef.

[Attendee #3]

Is it good beef.


It's okay.

Yeah, they just go through their cycles.

That's why I like people to eat three meats: chicken, fish, and beef every day.

[Attendee #3]

They won't do that, they will only eat one kind at a time.


I know, but that's only because they're not well animals. Out the wild, they would eat a bird in the morning, a rat in the afternoon and all kinds of different meats.

But if they had any vaccines they're not well.

[Attendee #3]

So, is that why they get back and forth?


Well, they should give variety.

But you know, if you let get spoiled and let them have their way, they're going to eat only what they want until they satiated with it and then they're going to go to the next and you have to figure out what it is that they're going to to like. But if you train em in the beginning, you're getting this meat in the morning, this is night, the next morning like this, and you rotate it, you know that's the way to do it cuz that's their natural diet. But they won't have any problems if they eat one meat for a long time.

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