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Do you have a question?  


What's the best source to get the raw cheese, eggs here in town? Which stores? 


You mean in the valley?  None.  


Where do you get your stuff?  


I go over to our Rawsome club in Venice and James has an Amish truck that comes from Pennsylvania, an Amish group of farmers that supply us. There are about seven farmers and Amos Miller is the one that handles organizing, getting all of it for us. We have a truck that comes out once a week, and delivers to us. 


Whole foods? 


Whole foods is all bullshit, literally. Whole foods is a company out of Texas, and let me give you an idea of their thinking. I called them and asked them what they were feeding their all-natural beef, no hormones and no antibiotics. “Oh, we’re feeding them silage and grain.” 

And I said, “What grain?” And they said, “Mainly wheat”. And I said, “Okay, what form is the wheat? Do you crack it? Do you process it? What form is it?” They said, "Well, we don't know.” And I'd tell they were lying by that. And I said, “Okay, who are your producers?” So, I called their suppliers of beef and found out they were feeding them 15% bakery waste, boiled and oiled donuts, stale donuts. 

So, I called whole foods back and I said, “You can't call that all natural. What cows do you know go around eating donuts.” “Well, the donuts are made of grains of wheat.” That's their thinking. And if you look in whole foods, all their advertisements, go organic, go organic. You look at their produce. How much produce do they have that’s organic? 2%. You go into Wild Oats, 50% or more of their produce is organic. So, you realize the whole foods is nothing but one of those spin doctor kind of advertising company that we just want you to get to buy the shit at a higher price, and that's all it's about.  


Well, at least they have the milk, the butter, the eggs.  


Yeah. Well, they will carry some of that. 

[Attendee #2] 

How about the, like a New Zealand line? That's still good that they sell there, right?  


Yep, absolutely. Yeah. That's good.  

[Attendee #2] 

What about the Iceland stuff? 


Iceland is fine, but you have to be careful, often it's frozen from Iceland. 





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