Alzheimer's Patients Forget To Drink Water





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Uhh, yeah. I had a talk with this guy. 

He claims that people with Alzheimer's disease drink very little water and so in order to cure this problem, he put them on a 20 day fast and they drink about a gallon a day of water. And he claims

And he says talking to some of these people some of them haven't had a glass of water in 15 years.

Now I know you don't like too much water. 


Well, in a situation like that, it's a temporary good fix because the water, like I said, is leaching. 

You know, so they have a mineral buildup, if they a plaquing in their system that's blocking the neurological system, the lymph, or the circulatory system, the bloodstream. 

Drinking a lot of water like that can cause a lot of dissolution of that plaque, those minerals. 

But also what does it do to the blood in the glandular system and everything else? 

So, they might be able to get away with doing it once or twice in their life, but not as a regular thing. 


Yeah, he's not doing this all the time.

Yeah, this this is a one time fix. 


Yeah, it's a one time fix, but it won't relieve it forever. 


Yeah, if they don't drink water, it may come back even.


Even if they drink while it'll come back. 

But it is a temporary fix that can be utilized in certain situations. 


But the doctors don't have any solution


They don't have any solution to anything.

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