Alzheimer's Caused By Aluminum








I have a big question. I don't know how much you believe it already- 


This is the first person who says- everybody else says I got a little question. 




The challenge is, on my father's side of the family. They all suffer from Alzheimer's and I went with them to the doctor, and he said, "Don't eat fat, no fat.", and then my my mother side, most of the people, they died with half attacks. I'm trying to do all of these things my way. 

What do you suggest, especially for Alzheimer's? 


Alzheimer's is mainly caused from aluminum. Aluminum destroys the Zetta potential. The Zetta potential is the ability for nutrients to stay suspended in blood, lymph and neurological system.  

What the aluminum does is it attracts the ions away from the protons. So, all the older nutrients just sedimentate, they just drop. So, that's what's happens in the blood and the neurological system. Everything just becomes sediment. That's what causes the brain not to work properly. It's mainly aluminum. If you go on the internet, you'll find out that they estimate at least 80% of Alzheimer's being caused by aluminum. 

The other is probably mercury. Since the 1960s aluminum is one of the biggest metals around, sliding doors, chairs, cooking utensils. It's in vaccines. Every time you get a vaccine, there's starting thimerosal, aluminum and formaldehyde in it.  


What about your screen doors? You should take out the aluminum in the screen doors? 


Even screen doors with aluminum. 

It dusts. As it oxidizes, it turns into a dust. So, what happens is things turn into dust. If you have a aluminum furniture, aluminum anything, it becomes dust, and you inhale it.  

I remember last year when I was in Florida, I was seeing a man, and he had his daughter and his wife with them. They were the reasons that he was with me for this console. He had cancer metastasizing of the lungs, and I shot his irises and blew them up, and I said, you have more aluminum than I've ever seen in anybody, you know?  

He was only against this. He was only there because his daughter and his wife got him to go. So, as soon as I said that about the aluminum, he you looked at his wife and his daughter and their eyebrows all raised? He worked in an aluminum factory for 48 years. 

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