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What stage?


He's at the point where he'll talk to himself in mirror for an hour and a half.


That's not Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's you can't remember anything. Delusions, delirium is when you start talking to yourself all the time.

If he can't dress himself, he forgets how to dress himself, forgets how to move, forgets how to walk, forgets his address, goes wandering doesn't know where he is.

So, he has a little bit of dementia cuz he's talking with himself and he has a little bit of forgetfulness. So, maybe he's in stage 1 or 2

On a raw diet with lots of raspberries and coconut cream can get the aluminum out of the brain. Aluminum causes most Alzheimer's.

And most of that aluminum comes from the canned foods, especially canned beverages, like beer and anything like Coca-Cola that comes in aluminum cans and vaccines and any injection that carries liquid mercury. So, that's the problem.

Third and fourth state Alzheimer's this diet will stop, but it does not reverse it.

But it makes the body younger and everything else.

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