Aluminum Pulling With Rasberries





coconut cream

gray hair







Eating raspberries with coconut cream will help pull the aluminum out in a non-toxic way. Hopefully it won't all go out through the scalp.

Even with those mixtures at your age, it's going to be difficult not to keep it from turning your hair gray. But my hair was completely gray after chemotherapy.

And it goes in, five years ago, I had a whole patch of gray here that stayed there for about a year and a half. Went back again, goes in and out. Here this was all gray a year and a half ago. It's going back to its color.


It's got a browner look. I'd swear that you dyed it.


Yeah, it's getting dark. Well, always in the winter it gets darker, and then the summer is lighter.


So eggs, I have never not eaten eggs every day. I've always had at least five eggs a day for two and a half years. That's alright?


That's fine, wonderful.


Some days I eat 12, sometimes I have 18. I have never felt relief for my lungs eating that huge amount of eggs every day for a month and I didn't feel any change in my lung. I'm not saying it didn't do it, but I didn't feel anything so.


Well, it's to arrest the poisons.

But if you've got fibroids in your lungs, the eggs aren't gonna work that. You need bacteria in the lungs. You need the foods that are high in bacteria.


I'm always having my clabbered milk.


Clabbered milk helps the bacteria in the intestines, but not in the lung.

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