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Family member has been on the diet for a while and they have severe allergy to dust mites. What do you recommend?


That's a low mucus. Like I said, if you look at mucus under a microscope, it's like a bunch of s like a bunch of material put together, layers of material.

If the fibers are tight, nothing's going to get through and it can be as much 20 layers thick when you're dumping mucus or it could be as small as three layers thick. If the fibers are open, if you don't have enough protein fibers. All of those dust and the mites will just get right through that mesh and right in irritate the mucus membrane.

And that's an issue, it's a problem.


What do you do?


So, they need to build mucus. Milkshakes are your best. Milk and eggs together with little honey, extra cream. Helps build mucus fast.

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