Allergic Reactions Only Happen In Stomach - Don't Drink Cold Milk

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What happens to allergies on the raw diet? I have a trouble with the milk still and nuts. I've only been allergic to milk and nuts?


Have you tried to nut formula? Are you still having allergic reactions? What is your reaction?


Well, my skin starts breaking out and I have stuffy nose.


That's not an allergic reaction. When you have an allergy to food, it happens in the intestines and then it can cause chemical reactions out the system. If you're having it here, you've got some kind of toxicity that is drawing out of either your brain or your visual nerves.


So, I can just continue drinking the milk and eating the nuts?


Absolutely, just don't drink the milk cold.. Because when you drink milk cold, it contracts the stomach. No hydrochloric acid is produced, that milk moves into the duodenum undigested, you absorb the casein and the lactate without digestion and that'll cause allergies.

So, always leave your milk out until it gets warm or put it in a bowl of warm water inside a jar to warm it.

I won't because I have no vagus nerve in my stomach, my milk sits out for at least two days before I drink it. I drank some here and you see me only sipping it and.





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