All Shampoos Are Toxic





coconut cream




All shampoos are no good?


All shampoos, there's none of them. Unless you make your own, you can take coconut cream blended with egg you got a natural soap. Great soap.

Or you just use a raw egg on your hair? Just make sure that if you use raw by itself that you wet your hair before you put the egg in it or else your hair is gonna smell like egg.

For some reason, if you put the raw egg on your hair, whipped eggs, so the yellow, and white are mixed together. If you put that on while your hair is wet, it won't smell like egg for some reason.


Some people put avocado on their hair, does that work?


It can, but your avocado oil dries into a black hardened oil. It's not a smooth oil.

Because it's a hardened oil. It becomes brittle. Like if you leave an avocado out, you'll see it turn black and it'll flake, you know?

So, that's the kind of oil it is. So, it creates like a firmer oil, so it will straighten the hair, and it's like putting a little bit of a hairspray in it. So, it will keep a particular form or shape.

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