Alkalizing The Blood Timing


vegetable juice



[Aajonus] It gets into the blood it alkalanizes the blood thats what you wanna do alkaline blood, not the digestive tract that's why you don't eat whole vegetables on this diet so you don't have all the vegetable matter going through the intestine secreting alkaline fluids and interfering with bacteria.

So you if you drink the juice its pretty much all absorbed by the time he reaches the bottom of the duodenum. So it only Alkalanizes the blood and temporarily the stomach. Not about 20 minutes, well about half an hour later your stomach will be starting to re acidity itself.

[Attendee] That's why we wait an hour?

[Aajonus] You wait an hour. First thing in the morning it only takes about 20 minutes to absorb the the juice, then 20 minutes to reacidify so in 45 minutes you can eat. But after that it usually takes a half an hour for each phase.

Half an hour in order to absorb all the juice and half an hour to re acidify the stomach.

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