Alkaline Food and HCL Release When Food Is Eaten



hydrochloric acid


[Jim] Are we going around I'm ready?

[Aajonus] Let's do it Jim.

[Jim] I have a real fundamental lack of understanding, if a stomach acid to digest like meat and stuff like that when you when you take something alkaline like the vegetable juice or anything alkaline, pineapple whatever doesn't that immediately meet up with the hydrochloric acid and...

[Aajonus ]Neutralizes it

[Jim] So what is the benefit to the rest of the body. In other words. You know how does it get any where if it if it's you know neutralized

[Aajonus] We just have to understand the body of stomach does not secrete hydrochloric acid until something goes into it. Your stomachs not stupid. When you put the vegetable juice in it vegetable juice doesn't call hydrochloric acid secretion. Meat, dairy eggs the

animal matter goes into your stomach that will cause hydrochloric acid secretion. Avocados will too. Anything that's high in fat, coconuts will too.

[Jim] Okay, so when you ingest something like vegetable juice which is that is you know on the alkaline side then it can actually get integrated farther in, like it'll end up making salts somewhere

[Aajonus] Yes

[Jim] But it'll go through a lot of digestion for, y'know..

[Aajonus] Well, there's very little digestion, when it's absorbed it goes to the pancreas mainly and the pancreas disassembles the vitamins and the enzymes and reassembles them into whatever we need for our digestion.

[Jim] So and so that is where the value is.

[Aajonus] And what it can and when those products get into the blood, they

alkalize the blood. Thank you all now it's clear easy. Okay I'm going

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