Alkaline - Bad Breath


bad breath







On the raw diet, I still have bad breath


It's from the toxicity in your intestines gassing into your lungs and causing that smell.

Unless you have a dental problem.

That's all hogwash.

All the tests will prove that that's inconsistent. You've got lots of people with an alkaline mouth that have terrible breath.

When I was around fruitarians, terrible breath. Because their teeth would rot like crazy. Everything was over alkaline: alkaline urine, alkaline salivary gland, alkaline feces.

You're not ever supposed to have alkaline feces, you're not supposed to have alkaline urine, you're not supposed to have alkaline salivary glands. Everything should be acid. The only thing that should be on an even keel should be your blood

You're enzyme deficient and that's the honey.

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