Algae, Chlorella






Some of the algae is okay, we can digest some of it. Now, when I checked feces for the amount that's digested, let's say 10% is digested. It's very expensive food, but if it can help remove heavy metals, if it can promote any quality of health that you couldn't get from anything else, and it can, it can do that. It's worth it.  


Like what? 


Like heavy metal poisoning in the body, Mix it with vegetable juice. Don't have algae by itself or with water. You have it in vegetable juice. Just remember, it's dry. 

Chlorella is an algae. But you wanna mix it with vegetable juice because it's a dried substance, it lacks enzymes. 

Different health food stores carry them. James at our Venice co-op here, Rawsome, carries a very good quality chlorella. Like I said, you're only gonna digest about 10% of it. Your feces will be nice and green because 90% of it won't adjust, but that 10% can do a lot for you. 

But only take like a quarter of a teaspoon at a time to half a teaspoon, max. Otherwise it's just a waste. 

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