Algae and Plankton - Why Fish Have Mercury







You have to understand that plankton and algae, they're plants, they eat rock. So, whatever's in the rock, they eat it and make it something good and we could eat them and do fine cuz planktons a cross between a fish and a plant, so they can handle it.

You know, the theory is because plankton eat so much mercury that the animals who eat them, like the swordfish, is a highly toxic animal, but it isn't. Swordfish can move so fast because they know how to utilize the mercury favorably.

It isn't like the mercury they use in injections and it's like, science says, "Well, we've made this radiation. The radiation that you get is just like the sun". No way it's anywhere near like the sun, isn't produced the same way at all. And the arrogance to say that same quality as the sun is ludicrous.

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