He was growing them for his shellfish. That's how it happened. He grew shellfish in British Columbia. And he wanted to be able to feed them. So, he started making phytoplanton in huge breed and then he started eating it. He had a cancer, very aggressive in his lung, like the asbestos one and he just inadvertently started eating with phytoplankton, a tablespoon for a day and he was ready to go for the operation. They said it wouldn't help him to live much longer and when they just had a look two months later, they had become benign. So, I mean, that's happened to many people, but I just wanted to say, people are asking me about it and I said, well, I don't know. It's best to go on a good raw diet, but f you're able tohave an added thing in your raw diet.


Well, it would be a hard product to get. Took me 40 years to get a supply of fresh algae water down here that the algae wasn't dry. They normally dry it, so I got them to send four gallon buckets down to do experiments with, but one year, even one year experiments with a fresh algae, you can't draw any conclusions with i.

It's like I worked with this diet for 28 years before I wrote the book.


I understand. I just thought you might have had people asking you, that was all just.

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