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The gypsum with this one on my leg, I did. But what happened on the 2nd or 3rd of April, before that I was in the Philippines in a nice hotel and I woke up in the middle of the night and two men were pushing me down at the shoulder and one had a rag over my face. It was not ether because I know what ether smells like.

So, I woke the next morning and I thought it was just a bad dream, until I looked over at my arm, three injection marks and they were swollen and blistered just like a reaction to a vaccine. A lot of foreigners are abducted there and taken for ransom, but this wasn't one of those areas.

So, the next day I started having- I don't have any now, I may have some on my shoulder here, little red bumps that got worse and worse and itched and blistered and cracked and crystallized. This went on for two days and it was intense. I was just picking them off. crystals, picking them off my skin, and they would create little blisters and get very large to about the size of a dime.

So, that went on for about a week, and then I had this accident. You saw in the accident marks here, this is the only real accident mark is this one, but then you see this one here, these here, here, and here. So, you see here and here and here, and here, nothing to do with the accident. Those are nothing to do with the accident. They were from the injections, they got worse and worse as the months went by and it took till June, till they stopped. I didn't tell anybody about it because whatever they injected me with, I didn't know if I was going to live.

And also it's the paranoia aspect, you know? The reason I think that happened was because just a month before that happened, I was the first one to go on radio and talk about the swine flu and what a hoax it was. So, I pissed a lot of people off, including Obama who was all for the vaccines and saying that everybody needs three vaccines, and guess what I was given all at one time?

So, I just cut my hair off yesterday to have it analyzed because where I was, I was basically incapacitated for a week, I couldn't get to a laboratory, there was no laboratory in those towns.

I stopped using my credit card, so nobody would know where I was, I changed my cell phone, I changed everything after that. So now I don't make reservations at hotels, I don't make reservations on airlines, I go and buy the ticket so my name doesn't appear anywhere.

That's what I have to do. I finally pissed enough people off where they are coming after me.


Was the person American?


It was so dark, I have no idea who they were, I could just tell that they were two men over me when that happened.

So, I didn't know if I were going to survive that or not and of course the only way to debase my work is to give me some kind of disease and say, "See, he got a disease anyway"

So, that's the only way they can debase my work. If they kill me any other way, it doesn't work. In the last five years, I found my house poisoned twice and my food poisoned twice. One time they put rat poison, "they" because I don't know who they are. They put rat poison in my office chair, and this is a chair I built myself and I put a silk cover on the bottom to hide the internal works. So, I got home about three years ago and I was fine. I'd been gone for two months and I sat on my chair, every time I sat up my chair, I started getting nauseous after about 20 minutes. I felt like I was getting stomach aches from it, so I put my hands under the rim of the chair and there was a powder on there. And I thought, uh oh, this is a little strange and smelled like rat poison, so I took the chair gingerly out on the porch, back over there, opened it up and there was a half a cup of rat poison in that chair.

It's easy to get into a house. Very easy.


Well, why would they go after what you're doing?


*Laughs* why do you think they'd go after me? I'm helping raw milk get on and the FDA wants everybody sick. They know what raw milk can do, and I've been fighting the raw milk issue for 32 years now and I got the law changed here in California by getting it changed in Los Angeles. So, I've been bucking a lot of people for a long time.

The medical board of California came after me for practicing medicine without a license 11 years ago. They were charging for some heavy crimes, and they were very nasty to me over the phone. He was a detective investigator from Sacramento. So, they're coming after me big time. And there was a complaint from a nurse who was married to a medical doctor, and they said that their son had eaten raw chicken and gotten campylobacter from it.

I said, "Show me the evidence, show me the chicken with campylobacter in it". And anyway, they were pretty nasty to me. And I said, "Do you work for the government? Are you a legal deputy of the state or federal government". He said, "The state, California medical board". And I said, "Okay, you took an oath, right? To protect the constitution. Well, then I'm innocent until proven guilty. Talk to me in a nice way, and I'll answer your questions". He says, "That's the way I work". I said, "Then you don't talk to me. You talk to my attorney, you and I don't have anything to say to each other, unless you're gonna talk to me respectfully".

I didn't talk to him anymore, I put him in touch with the attorney. We held a meeting and I said, "If we get together, it will be videotaped. I'm warning you now". So, we had a big conference downtown at one of the big offices. And of course the, the MD, the medical doctor didn't show up for my hearing, just the detective.

And they had the complaint. I said, "Listen, I don't even have to say anything, unless you're gonna charge me. But the thing is. How can you charge me for practicing medicine without a license when I'm against medicine? I mean, I don't use supplements or anything. It's food" "But you're endangering people's life by telling them to eat raw chicken". I said, "How do you know, you're a law enforcement officer? You don't know anything about medicine or health or food or anything like that." So, they just left the room and that was the end of it.

So, I have upset a lot of people, when I went on with the swine flu, I was the first one to talk about the swine flu because I had been involved in the swine flu in 1976 and 1977, that whole hoax.

And I just happened to be connected with a consumer advocate that was on 32 syndicated and 3,200 radio stations. She and a doctor, Mary McBean from San Diego filed suit against Ford, Rockefeller. Rockefeller is and was Rockefeller family into pharmaceuticals. So, of course they were pushing the swine flu vaccine.

So, the government paid 160 million, they played it down to 123 million, something like that. Paid about 160 million for vaccines to give to us for the swine flu. There was no such thing as the swine flu, you cannot get another animal's flu, unless it's taken from the animal and injected into you.

The only flu that you can ever create is a human flu. Bird flu, absurd. Only birds can get bird flus, only pigs can get swine flu. It's a ridiculous concept. Everybody who knows anything in the laboratory can discover that very easily, but when they put you through medical school and the laboratories, they tunnel your information into a very narrow and they don't let you stretch outside of it because you'll learn too much and then you won't be able to support the medical system anymore.

So, I spoke up and let me tell you everybody picked it up quickly. Somebody spent a lot of money making a video called, "Just Say No To Vaccines", the song, and guess who's voice they used in the interview, in the song. So, it's about seven minutes and 32 seconds. If you download it from YouTube, you hear me saying only way you can get swine flu is if it's injected into you. And then the interviewer later in the song says, "Well, where did it come from"? And I said, "They manufacture it in laboratories, and then they injected into people. That's the only way you can get it". So, that was made and there's a lot of money put into that little video cuz you see injections, you see different people going through things. And the song, it's a, a rap song and it is so concise it was a well written song. So, that got out there, and then everybody started posting my interview all over the internet. Swine Flu Song.

So, it wasn't within a month where that happened, where they abducted me in that hotel room in the Philippines and injected me with three, I still have scars, those three scars from the injection.


Were they white men or Filipino men?


It was so dark. They weren't black, I know that, but I couldn't tell what color they were.


Is there somewhere you can gonna get it outta your system?


I'm working at it. So, you see 1, 2, 3 injections. These are the bumps, they still keep coming out and they crystallize, but some of them came out really large and these came out near the end, they started forming tumors. And if anybody's seen the pictures of Morgellons where fibers come out with it. Fibers were coming out with them and I've got pictures of it, and it's going to be part of, one of my newsletters in the next few months, so you get to see the pictures. So, I take pictures at the different stages where I went through all this.


What was your hunch?


I think they were exploring on me with the three vaccines that everybody's going to get for the swine flu.


Well, now it's down to one by the way.


No, it isn't.


Well, I just heard on the radio.


That's just what they're saying, they want the three.


That's what I'm saying about that is that they are keep reducing it. That's the point.


Well, they went low, high, low, high.


They say for regular people, it's gonna be one.


For children, infants and elderly it's three, cuz they want to kill them.


So, what are you doing to combat the vaccines that you got?


I've had to eat a lot of cheese, I've had to take a lot of baths, I've had to put clay packs, I've had to eat a lot of clay I've eaten chlorella. I've been doing a lot of that with cottage cheese and sour cream when I got back here. When I'm in Asia, I ate a tremendous amount of fish to help it. I'm just doing anything that'll chelate with poisons.

I didn't know if I were going to make it, I really didn't. I had the climax when I was in Australia. It was my day to give 10 hour lecture and in the middle of it, my stomach just went into a knot and I mean, I was taking 10 minute breaks every 30 minutes, which isn't like me. I can go for three hours without ever stopping, I mean, it's like I've got a wind up, won't stop and people have to stop me to stop.

So, I was getting into the swimming pool and everybody else was around, it was a nice home and I was in excruciating pain just trying to get through the pain. And then finally I had six hours of vomiting, and then that was the end of it, except for the little bits that were still coming out here and there, but it was pretty traumatic.

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