Adrenaline Makes Aajonus Angry








You must've got a pretty good adrenaline rush in that panic kind of situation?


No, I try to keep that down because adrenaline causes me to get angry, and might cause me to be a little short in my respect. Like that young intern, oh my God, you're crazy. I mean, that's in bad shape and he just would- and if I had taken offense to that. And if I had had a high adrenaline, I might have taken a high offense to that as I would in my earlier days. Part of that is keeping the adrenaline from starting to pump,

[Attendee #2]

Especially since they just walked away.


Yeah, I just said, these are sad people, you know, they can just jump out in the street like that and then stand there and I'm coming at them and, you know, I hit, if they had jumped outta the way, would've been different, but they just froze like a deer with lights in their eyes.

[Attendee #2]

So, they didn't even look?


They didn't even look, they just jumped right into the street as if they were the only people on the- of course, I was slightly on the left side of the road cause I wanted to allow cars to go past me, you know? So, they weren't paying attention to this end side of the road.

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