Adrenaline - Fat Deficient


fat deficiency





Now, why is adrenaline important? 


The body uses adrenaline in emergencies many times. This is something that I cannot laboratorially prove. However, by experience, I've seen that people who have high adrenaline produce a lot of adrenaline seem to be able to drink, smoke, do everything bad and get away with it. 

So, there's some properties about adrenaline that keep people numb to what they're doing. 

And also, it keeps them from getting too ill. Now, still a lot of those people will all of a sudden at a drop of a hat die of a heart attack. Because the adrenaline dries their system out, so they get brittle. All of a sudden, they'll go like that from completely healthy. Nobody has a clue that they have anything wrong with them, then they'll have an aneurysm in the brain or a heart attack and that's that. 


Because adrenaline dries the system? 


Right, unless they eat a tremendous amount of fat. Now you take somebody who, who has adrenaline and eats a high amount of fat at the same time, then they won't have that problem. 

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