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And that was causing his cancer. Cancer can come from the accumulation of all kinds of different poisons. The Country, a bunch of scientists there and full professors that are no longer full professors because they issued this particular report and put it out to the public before it was reviewed by the authorities that 80% of the cancer out there is because of acrylamides 

Acrylamides form when you boil/cook something in oil. Cereals, doughnuts, potato chips, any kind of chip, soy chips, french fries. They cause the most cancer. They wanted to outlaw these foods in Sweden. 


Vegetable oils, right? Not animal fats? 


Even animal fats. If you're boiling something with high starch in it.  

High carbohydrate along with the fat causes the problem. Of course, it's worse with vegetable oils, but that's the problem. It creates all these acrylamides, and that creates a lot of cancerous conditions.  

All 12 of those professor's lost their tenures, because they went to the media before they let the university research their research. 

Nobody's been able to scientifically disprove it. You've got a lot of medical professionals out there and a lot of pseudo scientists that are arguing against their research, but nobody's coming up with scientific proof like they had the prof, but the cereal industry, those chip industries are trillions of dollars a year. They're not going to let it happen. 

So, heart condition. If you read my second book, we talked about cholesterol is not a factor, that's a myth. The cholesterol myth, get the book, "The Cholesterol Myth". It identified 90% of all people who have heart attacks have heart attacks when they have low cholesterol levels, and when they got low blood pressure. The medical profession wants you on drugs.  

High blood pressure is very important. If you got a cardiac problem, it's what keeps your arteries open. If you've got a arterial problem or a venous problem, you need high blood pressure or else they cut off and you block circulation. 

That's what happens with people when they take medication, they end up getting varicose veins, damaged arteries. They get thrombosis, which are very enlarged vessels that just keep swelling. All of those are created when you stop high blood pressure with medication.  

Just remember the medical profession is run by the pharmaceutical industry and they want you to take medication every day and fill their pockets. 

It's got nothing to do with you getting well. So, they attack symptoms. You having high blood pressure is not a symptom of that you should stop that symptom, that body has addressed high blood pressure activity to make sure that you can address your bad circulatory problem.  

So, you need fats. You need high blood pressure if you've got a history of those conditions, but you have to understand that if it's in your family, your family has a tendency to store toxicity in their veins, arteries, and their heart. You just have to eat properly, so that you don't accumulate toxins, which you're going to store in your heart and artery. 





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