Acrylamides Cause Stickiness



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advanced glycation end products




All those carbohydrates cause the brain to not function properly because according to Columbia University, the advanced glycation end products and the arylamides from carbohydrates make the blood and the neurological system very sticky.

So, the cells start sticking, the neurons, the axons, the ganglia get congested with the sugar and everything misfires, so you don't think properly, you're not clear. So, your vegetarians are heavily into that. The less protein you have, the more those advanced glycation end products, and acrylamides collect in the system.

So, you're gonna have a lot of ADD and a lot of problems.


Did you experience that when you were vegetarian?


Oh yes. I was a fanatic. I was brutal, you're a murderer, you eat meat, you're a murderer.

When I first went to San Diego right after my book was published in 1997, went to the health convention and I spoke and I had a table there with a publisher and this group of vegetarians, raw food vegetarians came up to the table to talk to me and I'm sitting there talking very calmly and they're furious, furious.

And they went off for about 45 minutes and I was just very calm with them, let them do their thing. And I would respond once in a while with one sentence that would answer their question and they weren't listening.

So, I had a mirror, a little mirror like this and I held it up and I say, "You think that you're calm? You think that this no meat diet is good and makes you non angry and non-violent? Take a look". Every one of 'em was foaming at the mouth, they had white foam out of the mouth and you could see, and I held it up to each one of them and I said, "Look at me and look at you. You tell me who's angry and who's violent".

And they walked away. They got it, and they walked away. They never bothered me again.


I went to the living lighthouse and had that same experience.

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