Acidic Vs Alkaline Blood - Irritability

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When I talk about blood type, it's strictly acid or alkaline type. That's all I'm talking about. Not talking about A, B, A+, A-, RH-, RH+.

Nothing to do with the blood type. It's the blood acidity type. You're either a high alkaline or you're a high acidic blood type or you're a neutral type.

I spell it out in the book, if you are lean and have a lot of energy and you hold a tan well, you've got various acidic blood. You need to eat less red meat and more white meat. That's the only difference.


If you eat the red, what happens?


You're likely to get more hyperactive. Get too thin, even thinner, not able to put on weight. And you might be a real jerk: impatient, irritable.


But you digest it okay?


Yeah, that's fine. That's not an issue at all. A lot of people do become irritable. Some people like being irritable, they feel it makes them aggressive.

I know a very wealthy man that's worth hundreds of millions dollars that came up out of the slums of New York City. He's worth several hundred million dollars and he just went around intimidating everybody .

He's been on the diet for five years now and his whole life has changed, he wants me to get the Nobel Peace Prize cause it's made him a peaceful person.

So, now you can enjoy his hundreds of millions of dollars, but he enjoyed being that way, but now he doesn't. He's an old man. I mean, he's 72 years old and you know, he can't keep a relationship if he doesn't stay on the diet.

His last wife, she only did the diet about 50%. But she said, if you ever go off the diet, I'm divorcing you.

They got divorced last year, but he didn't go off the diet.


How many millions did she get?


*Laughs* oh she got a couple of houses.





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