Acid Reflux






hydrochloric acid

acid reflux

That's usually severe delipidization. 

Means in your digested track and your sinuses, you may be dumping a lot of cauterized minerals from your days of cooked food.  

So, they store in your esophagus and in your sinus and your stomach.  

Well, when you eat.  

No matter what you eat, the sinuses and the esophagus and the stomach will start dumping some of those into the food.  

Acid reflux is that problem to the extreme.  

So, it'll dump it into whatever food you have.  

That's why I say you always need to eat fat with whatever food you're going to eat, so that those poisons don't go into the meat and the other nutrients because you won't be able to utilize them. 

Once those portions get into there, they neutralize the acidity and the digested juices and destroy bacteria.  

So, the villa don't work properly anymore, so that food will not be digested.  

So, if you're eating butter, cream, eggs or something to fat with whatever food you're eating, so that fat will absorb those poisons so that you can utilize your food.  

Otherwise, you will not.  

You're not likely to to digest and utilize very much of it. 

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