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What's a safer alternative for abortion?  

Don't worry mom, it's not... 


Your son's pregnant! *Laughs* 

When you're on this diet, abortion is difficult because the body is so healthy. The only way that I've suggested, and that's worked with people who've been on the diet awhile is putting pennyroyal oil, but you have to take a scientific tube that allows just just a very fine passage in there, and you have to insert that through the cervix where the oil and you have to blow it inside of you. You have to scratch. It's not a sharp glass, but it's a glass tube that has a center it with a very fine flow. So, you can only get maybe 10 drops in this whole thing, but you're only going to get probably five in there, five or six, and that's all you need. 

Then when it gets down to the cervix, you feel that it's hit, you know, through the cervix you can feel it hit the wall because the ovaries discharge only one per month, fertilizes eggs. So, let's say it's happening on the right side. Then those eggs go down the fallopian tube, down to where they need meet the sperm, and they go right up into that surface and that's where they latch on. 

So, if you scratch, then we get to the mucus lining, and it absorbs that pennyroyal oil. You'll usually have abortion pretty readily, but with lots of labor pain, most of the time, lots of labor pain. So, it usually happens in 3-8 days. That's the only sure way that I know that works 90% of the time. 


And where can get pennyroyal oil at?  


It's almost illegal. You have to get in Canada or somewhere like that. It's illegal in this country for that reason. 

You might be able to find it in some states, but in this state it's illegal. 

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