Aajonus's Son Crack




[Attendee] Say what yeah yeah I read the story and the fact of the west yes you can send to them yeah.

[Aajonus] Hes in Cincinnati.

[Attendee] Is he doing okay?

[Aajonus] Yeah he's doing fine, except that he has a crack problem. But as far as the accident goes from that he's okay. But as the psychiatrist in San Diego showed me a report people don't usually see and it showed that 76 percent of the people who've been diagnosed as crack addicted, clinically crack addicted were all on Ritalin as children. He was put on ritalin at 6 years old. As long as he does the diet he doesn't have a problem. So right now he's okay, hes been okay, he's been sober for a year and a half. But I've seen him go 2 and a half years and then go off the diet for 6 months and hes back into the crack.

[Attendee] He craves it?

[Aajonus] Yeah, physiological craving It's like the pharmaceutical industry knew about it and when when bush senior and the CIA were hauling in crack cocaine during the eighties, they were affiliated with pharmaceutical houses that knew that Ritalin and crack addiction were connected.

[Attendee] Yeah well we're talking about major crime bosses, that doesn't surprise us.

[Aajonus] Yes, that's what the pharmaceutical industry. All major crime bosses.

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